The mixer consists of a cylindrical tank with wear-resistant and interchangeable lining plates.

Mixing is carried out by two large helical blades with opposed inclination rigidly fixed to the central shaft, supplied with wear resistant lining plates.

During the rotation, blades cover  whole surface of the tank ensuring a perfect homogeneity of the mixture in just 30 seconds.

The planetary gear box is fit directly to the mixing shaft. The power transmission from motor to gearbox is made by means of V-belts.

The opening of the discharge door is controlled by an hydraulic unit, the discharge time is less than 10 seconds. The unit is equipped with emergency manual control.

An automatic greasing pump takes care of keeping greased the bearings, the supports of the discharge gate and seals, ensuring that the slurry does not pass in the seals.

The inspection doors are equipped with safety switch with key.

Why buy it?

The features that make the difference:

  • PERFECTLY HOMOGENOUS CONCRETE, furthermore the humidity control installed in this machine gives more precise results than in the other mixers;
  • HIGER HOURLY PRODUCTION compared with mixers with the same output per batch;
    VERY SHORT MIXING TIME, less than 30 seconds;
    FULL AND FAST DISCHARGE: thanks to the cylindrical shape of the tank and the blades that push the material towards the mouth, the complete discharge takes less than 10 seconds;
    BIG AGGREGATE SIZES: only the single-axis mixer can mix aggregates of any size, even the large pieces for the cyclopean concrete in great quantity, because thanks to the helical conformation of mixing blades, the large aggregates do not risk to get stuck between the blades;
    EVERY KIND OF AGGREGATE: only this machine can homogeneously mix any kind of aggregate, also light or high specific weight aggregates and reinforcement fibers;
    SHORT WASHING TIMES: the washing system is simple and fast, the mixer does not require long and frequent washing compared with the other mixers;
    LOW WEAR of mechanical components, tank lining and blades; thanks to the mixing system of this machine, the coating plates are subjected to wear that is considerably less than the other mixers;
    LOWER COSTS AND TIMES OF MAINTENANCE: thanks to its modern, simple and functional mechanics resulting from years of study;
    COMPACT DESIGN: even the largest models can be transported completely assembled without the use of exceptional transport;
    ENERGY SAVING: the particular conformation of the machine allows the use of electric motors with lower power;
    EXCELLENT SEALING, high performance of shaft seal against slurry.


The single-axis mixer is a machine that includes all the qualities required to obtain a good concrete and at the same time it eliminates all the defects found in the other mixers in use.
GREAT PRODUCTIONS like the twin shaft mixer, GOOD HOMOGENEITY of the mixture, higher than that obtained with a planetary mixer.
Suitable for ready-mix concrete, for precast concrete, for cement mixtures and for large-scale works.

Easy transport

Thanks to the compact design that characterizes the whole range of single shaft mixers, all these machines do not require special transports.


mixers from model MM1180 / 500 to MM7600 / 3650 are transportable in Open Top containers.


the mixers from model  MM8700 / 4200 to MM10200 / 5000 are transportable on a Flat Rack platform.


  • SPECIAL WEAR-RESISTANT LINING tiles made of steel plated with Chromium Carbides thickness 8+5 mm hardness 70 HRC.
  • AIRBAG OR FILTER for venting during loading phase.
  • Ladders with walking platform for mixer cleaning.
  • DISCHARGE CONE into truck mixer with anti-clogging system. 
  • HUMIDITY PROBE installed on the bottom of the tank, for concrete consistency control.
  • Loading SKIP complete with runways.
  • Mixer supporting frame to load the truck mixer, complete with access stairs and landing.
  • CEMENT BATCHING UNIT by weight with load cells.
  • Aggregates WAITING HOPPER coated with Hardox thickness 5 mm.
  • WATER BATCHING UNIT by volume and / or by weight with load cells.

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